A new umbrella name for the now already traditional 3-Day-Eastern-Weekender presented to you by Superlock & Herb-A-Lize It Sound

As SOUNDSYSTEM CULTURE FESTIVAL clearly expresses,  we’ll be celebrating the many aspects of more than 60 years of soundsystem culture and its pivotal role in the history of Jamaican music, the global reggae industry and over the last decades the whole global urban music industry

More than 60 years after the first soundsystem trucks played out in Kingston, Jamaica, soundsystem culture still carries a bass weight heavier than anything else. Worldwide the soundsystem diaspora has extensed way beyond its roots in the streets of Kingston, adapting and influencing new forms of music as for example hip hop to jungle, grime and dubstep that now claim of this culture as their own.

And in all those decades some things never changed. Not taking into account dubplates, it’s not about the tunes you have, but how you play them. How a soundsystem build a set, how its MC hosts it on the mic, how selecter and MC read the crowd, reach the crowd, please the crowd and get the crowd involved. These are the biggest aspects of this culture, together with the dubplate phenomenon.

Already in the very earliest days competition between sound systems was fierce and eventualiteit two DJs emerged as the stars of the scene, Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd and Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid. In order to avoid relying on getting the latest releases exclusive from American R&B record labels they turned to record production for their respective legendary Studio One and Treasure Isle labels. Initially producent singles for just their own soundsystems, known as exclusives or dubplates – a limited run of one copy per song. And over 60 years later, dubplates - nowadays specials done specifically for soundsystem playing the recording – especially played during soundclashes – the organized battles between two or more soundsystems - are still one of the phenomenons most defining soundsystem culture.  

All this and more of over 60 years of tradition of the power and pleasure of the sonic embodied in it will be celebrated during the 3 days Soundsytem Culture Festival event: